Pick and Packaging

Learn how to streamline your picking and package operation.

Pick and Packaging

Is your shipping dock full of random items to be shipped? Are you and your team confused which items below to which order? Or is rescanning all the items already picked taking your team double the time and effort when shipping?

WMS+’s packing feature makes these issues a thing of the past. Simply create a new package (or any type of container for that matter) to pick and pack your items into.

Continue to create new packages and pack your items until you have completed the picking task.

WMS+ prints GS1 compatible QR Code package labels with a package ID (SSCC) so when you want to ship you can simply find the picked packages described on WMS+ and scan the QR Code on the box to ship the goods out.

Unorganized shipping bay… a thing of the past!

Prerequisites for Pick and Packaging

Learn what you need to use the pick and packaging feature


Enabling license plates Enabling packaging shipping

How do I use pick and packaging?

Learn how to use pick and packaging to streamline your picking and shipping process


Pick and packaging video lesson