Softengine Web

Softengine Web: Release Notes Archive

Softengine Web is packed full of features to make your business simple. Simply start a course below to learn more…

  • Business to Business Portal

    Business to Business Portal

    Searching for a more efficient alternative to receiving customer orders over the phone? Are you trying to implement e-commerce software to streamline processes in addition to your ERP?

  • Production Routing

    Production Routing

    Softengine Web Production Routing functionality allows for sub-status tracking of the production process. Using your own custom statuses, you can progress your production order through your operational workflow by drag-and-dropping orders, triggering SAP alerts to other individuals via those status changes.

  • Production Scheduling

    Production Scheduling

    Softengine Production Scheduling offers a calendar-based board that will allow for the scheduling of SAP Production Orders at the Document, Route Stage, or Resource level.

  • Production Terminal

    Production Terminal

    The Softengine Production Terminal is designed to offer an additional method of production order processing; easily take receipt of your finished goods through our mobile responsive, web-based platform in seconds.

  • Field Service Management

    Field Service Management

    The Service Manager allows support tickets to be placed in the system for any serialized items sold that has a warranty contract attached to them. Additionally, tickets placed in the B2B portal, or via SAP Business One can be assigned to service engineers to schedule and prioritize their day.

  • Product Catalog

    Product Catalog

    Softengine Web Product Catalog separates individual products into their respective categories and provides employees with an easy-to-use interface displaying product names, photographs, prices, and in-stock amounts.

  • Global Sales

    Global Sales

    With Softengine Global Sales, order fulfillment has never been easier for both sales executives and sales representatives. Place and manage orders for your clients anywhere in the world.

  • Recipe Manager

    Recipe Manager

    The Softengine Recipe Manager facilitates storing multiple recipes (bills of materials in SAP Business One) for a single finished good. This is ideal if you are developing new flavors, rely on different suppliers to substitute items, have multiple production facilities, or have different yield factors based upon geographic location.

  • Message Delivery System

    Message Delivery System

    Need to send important messages to your employees, or customers? Or want to let your clients know about any special offers or promotions? The message delivery system allows you to send messages to groups of users, or specific users via the Employee Portal and B2B Portal.

  • Batch Tracing

    Batch Tracing

    In the case of contamination or recall alerts, having the ability to act quickly and effectively makes all the difference for food and beverage companies. Softengine Web Batch Tracing functionality provides customer service employees the ability to trace the product tree forwards and backwards for any batch to see what items or customers might be affected during the event of product complaints or recalls.

  • Production Room

    Production Room

    Learn how to use, setup, and configure Softengine’s Production Room; also known as Cut Room. Production Room allows you to easy process your production on a mobile device. Simply select the item you want to make, select the raw material / ingredient and production room does the rest. Compatible with a ZPL label printer and digital scale.

  • Resource Time Capture

    Resource Time Capture

    Easily capture resource time. Simply start the timer in the production terminal, complete your task, stop your timer, and issue the minutes to your production.