New Features for May in WMS+ Version 2304

Know exactly where everything is in your warehouse with Inventory Lookup

Easily replace a damaged label or print a new batch label

Find the price of an item and print your retail pricing labels directly from WMS+

Select an item faster using the new and improved quick find

Discover our new and improved UI for displaying task information

Make training your people easier with improved messaging and exception reporting

See exactly what transfers you need to make at a glance with our new transfer request choose from list

Update your inventory commitments via inventory allocation refresh

Inventory Lookup.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Or maybe you need to locate the soonest-to-expire batch? Perhaps you are running out of racking space and need to prioritize emptying bins to accommodate new deliveries?

Would having better information help you to organize your warehouse to increase efficiency? For example, helping to insure high-velocity items are quickly available whilst picking locations are constantly replenished with the first-to-expire batch?

Inventory lookup is the ultimate tool to increase efficiency in your warehouse.

Inventory lookup provides your team with real-time information about inventory levels and locations to facilitate better business decisions. Increasing the effectiveness of your warehouse.

Reduce time searching for products, or more importantly, ensure that you reduce spoilage and inventory turnover by finding the most suitable batch.

Free up space in the racking, or make better organizational decisions to ensure that high-velocity items are on hand and that picking locations are easily replenished with the next-to-expire batches.

Learn how inventory lookup can change the way you work and improve your processes.

Easly reprint damaged labels or print missing labels with a simple scan

Inventory lookup provides you with all the tools you need to print batch labels.

Just starting a WMS project and have no pre-existing labels? Inventory lookup allows you to print GS1-compatible batch labels to label all your items for expedited handling.

Dealing with the frustration of damaged labels? No worries, we can reprint the correct label in a heartbeat.

Scan an item and find the price or reprint your retail pricing labels directly from WMS+

This feature is massive for all our retail folks. Customer wants a price check? No problem, simply scan the UPC to find up-to-date pricing.

Maybe you are merchandising your shelves and need to update your retail pricing labels? WMS+ has the perfect solution. Simply scan your item and print the new label directly from your WMS device.

Select an item faster using the new and improved quick find.

Do you ever scan a bin location only to find the inventory you see in the location is not listed on your WMS?

Or do you ever find that things aren’t put away correctly, meaning that rogue pallets are in no-mans-land?

Perhaps you want to reduce the number of scans required to select your item.

Welcome to quick find. With quick find, you can simply scan the batch label or UPC to find exactly what you are looking for.

Quick find will evaluate what you are looking for and intelligently select the item. Alternatively, if your batch exists in multiple locations quick find will suggest the locations that you can select from saving you a scan of the bin location.

Other Improvements

Discover our new and improved UI for displaying task information.

How do we display all the information we need to get the job done whilst still conserving valuable real estate on the screen?

Welcome to our new UI. We have spent time to ensure that the information on the screen is presented as effectively as possible.

You will now see the bin location and batch details for the item that you are looking for on the right, whilst the quantity controls have been adapted to provide a better user experience when working with gloves.

Make training your people easier with improved messaging and exception reporting.

Need to onboard your people faster? With our improved messaging and exception reporting it’s now much easier to see what we need to scan.

Also, should the user make a mistake, it’s now a lot clearer what went wrong and why. Making learning and troubleshooting much easier.

Update your inventory commitments via an inventory refresh

Businesses are dynamic and allocations can change constantly. Maybe you reserved a pallet for a customer that then canceled their order.

Bug Fixes

  • Inventory Selection | After Scanning Warehouse we lose the Focus from the Barcode Field
  • DSD | Error when retrieving sales order in SQL | “Arithmetic Overflow error converting expression to data type int”
  • DSD | CREATE INVOICE | Adding Item Does not Find Price
  • DSD | CREATE INVOICE | Overriding Price Does Not Calculate on Receipt
  • Picking | Lists | Scanning Barcode in Picklist Shows Inventory from Non-Valid Warehouses
  • Goods Receipt | Scanning | Next item is not visible in the list when scanning if “Show Completed” is NOT selected
  • Inventory Lookup | No filter options on the filter screen
  • Process Settings | Fix the issue on GetSettingsOption
  • Printing Crystal Reports | Print Service ONLY renders one page of the report
  • Inventory Lookup | UI breaks if the bin location has a long name
  • Quick Move | “Can’t over-pick” error message when selecting the bin location
  • Inventory Counting | Null reference exception with ‘Post to SAP’ setting off
  • Inventory Counting | Initial items from the Inventory Counting don’t appear in the Lines screen
  • Issue for Production | Additional rows are displayed in WMS+ if batches are allocated in PdO
  • Issue for Production | Extra pallet rows if batches are allocated in PdO
  • Transfer Request | Allocated batches are still displayed in WMS+ after deallocation in SAP B1
  • Inventory Transfer | Scanned batch allocates to the top row even if it is already picked.

Special thanks

We are especially proud to acknowledge all the people that have made this release a reality. Without our teams of dedicated development and product professionals, and of course, you, our partners, this release would not be possible.

Thank you, team, for your hard work, dedication, and expertise that have made this release a success, and something we can be truly proud of.

The WMS+ team:

We are proud to serve you and we’re committed to continuing to deliver products and services that exceed your expectations.

As a family-run business we are passionate about your success and making sure that our partnership is productive in solving real-world problems, through our products and services, that help you and your clients to succeed.

Our success is your success.

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